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Booking Long Stay Accommodations and Other Tips for Cutting Costs During Long Business Trips

If you are planning a business trip and looking for a hotel in Pasig, Ortigas is the place to be. Home to the central business district, there are a fair number of business hotels in Ortigas that provide long stay accommodations. Here are four ways you can book to your advantage and make reduce your expenses.

Make it Long-Stay

Instead of hopping from one hotel to another, find a business hotel in Ortigas that offers long-stay packages and discounts. Business hotels with long-stay packages are often easier on the budget when compared to renting out a fully furnished condo unit. This is especially true for units located in Central Business Districts like Ortigas. If you are able to plan ahead, you can book earlier to get an early-bird rate added to your package.

Take Advantage of Complementary Breakfast

Meals can be a costly part of your trip. If you can snag a business hotel in Ortigas that offers complimentary breakfast, especially one that offers a breakfast buffet, then that is already a big amount cut from your budget. Take advantage of free breakfasts by filling yourself in the morning - that way you won’t find yourself overspending on snacks and heavy lunches.

Make Good Use of Hotel Facilities

If you are maintaining an active lifestyle, make good use of your hotel’s free facilities such as the pool and gym. There’s no need to enrol for a gym membership in the city when there is one right in your hotel. Similarly, doing a few laps in your hotel’s pool is another great way to help you stay in shape during your trip. It’s also a good idea to ask about discounts on other hotel facilities, such as special rates on massage packages and the like.

Grab those Hotel Partner Perks

Some hotels in Pasig have partnerships with shops and restaurants within the city. Check out Privato Hotel’s “Key to the City” card, which is an exclusive card for hotel guests that offers discounts in more than twenty restaurants and service outlets. By making use of perks such as this one, you are bound to spend less than what you have initially budgeted for.

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Why a Business Hotel is Better for Long Stays Than Renting a Condo

Companies in various industries have been expanding their global presence at an accelerated rate in recent years. No matter which country you go to, you’ll undoubtedly find expatriates staying there for a few months due to work. The same holds true for the Philippines, which is why the cost of rent has been booming in Manila over the last ten years.

If you’ll be in Manila for an extended period of time due to work, you may want to take a look at business hotels that offer extended stay packages. Although the initial choice for many business travelers on extended stay would look for a condo unit for rent, business hotels sometimes offer much more value for your company’s money.

Long Stay Business Hotels are Generally More Affordable

Although most condos for rent in Manila come furnished, the cost of rent for condos in Central Business Districts has skyrocketed. Many fully furnished condominiums can range from P80,000-P120,000 (1,500 USD-2,300 USD). Some units are significantly cheaper, but these tend to come unfurnished. When the cost of buying furniture and appliances included, the price of an unfurnished condo will require a large upfront cost.

Business hotels, like Privato Hotels, that offer long stay packages are typically more affordable than renting a condo unit. Furthermore, these suites are fully furnished with all your needs, with most coming with a kitchenette.

Hotels Offer Extra Services for More Value

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a business hotel during a long business trip is the convenience. Daily breakfast buffet means you don’t have to worry about waking up early and preparing yourself breakfast every morning. Housekeeping services means you don’t need to spend extra for weekly cleaners as you would if you rented a condo unit. Your business hotel will also offer free access to high-speed WiFi. Overall, taking advantage of a long stay business hotel offers you significantly more value for your money.

These are two of the main advantages you can enjoy if you choose to stay in an extended stay business hotel over renting a condo. If you have a long business trip coming up in the near future, you’ll want to start looking for business hotels that offer special rates for long stays as early as possible to ensure you get the room type you prefer.

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7 Essential Items to Pack with You on a Long Business Trip in the Philippines

Have you or your company booked your long-stay accommodations yet? What amenities does your hotel have? As much as travelling can be fun, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if there are certain things you have forgotten to pack with you. Apart from the imperative clothes, shoes, electronics, chargers and spare batteries, here are some other items that you might want to consider packing for your upcoming business trip.

1. Essential Oils and Medication

If you are one to easily get travel sick or have tendencies to be sensitive to drastic changes in weather and temperature, keeping a small pouch of soothing and calming essential oils and a few first-aid medicines can be your life saver. Although pharmacies can be found around the city, it is better and safer to have your tried and tested medicines and oils with you. Being a business trip, you want to make sure that you are in tip top shape for all your meetings, pitches and conferences that you attend.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Imagine all the things in public areas that you will be touching and all those hands that you will be shaking. Having a pocket-sized bottle of anti-bacterial gel is the secret weapon of many top businessmen and executives, many of them noticed that having this little vial at hand reduces their chances of getting colds and contracting any viruses and flus. Just do your best to apply the sanitizer discreetly so as not to offend anyone.

3. Business Cards

You never know who you will meet throughout your trip, neither how many people you will run into. Don’t just rely on the handful of business cards that you have in your wallet. Pack a box or two, just in case. Better safe than sorry. It would also be great to have a business card holder with you, to store all those business cards and contact information fo the people that you will be meeting. Don’t break your wallet or make your jacket pockets bulky with al those cards. You will seem more professional and sleek too with as classy business card holder.

4. Travel Umbrella

The weather in the Philippines can be fickle at times and sudden downpours aren’t an uncommon occurrence. Taking a travel umbrella with you will not only shield you from the rain and the sun, but it could be an opportunity for you to introduce yourself or build a connection with an important person or someone whom you have been trying to reach out to, by offering him or her half of your umbrella.

5. Pocket WiFi

Although WiFi is a norm in most hotels and conference centers, it might not be at the speed that you desire. Additionally, the cost of running your devices on mobile data can easily lead to a massive phone bill when you get back home. Having your own source of wireless internet will decrease your anxieties and frustrations and will also get you working at the speed you are used to.

6. Athletic Apparel

Since you will be on a long-stay business trip, you might have some days where there is nothing planned. Keep in tip-top shape and sweat the stress out in your hotel gym or making a few laps around the pool, or if there is a park or activity centre nearby, why not go for a brisk walk or a jog?

7. Foldable Shopping Bag

Many cities in Metro Manila are following the plastic ban. This prohibits stores and groceries from placing purchased goods into plastic bags, and instead use paper bags, some of which can tear quite easily. If you plan to do some shopping or hitting up the nearest supermarket, having a foldable canvas shopping bag will make it easier and less messy to carry your purchases around.

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Must-Try Restaurants and Bars in Tomas Morato

Tomas Morato, formerly known as Sampaloc street is located in Quezon City, which is at the northeastern part of Manila, Philippines. The area is well-known among locals for its varied and vibrant selection of restaurants and bars, making Tomas Morato a fantastic place to look for a business hotel, such as Privato Hotel Quezon City. This definitely goes for both tourists and business travelers who enjoy great meals and a high-spirited nightlife.

Of course, there are quite a few restaurants and bars that stand out in the area. If you’ll be staying in a hotel in Tomas Morato during your stay in Manila, definitely check out the following places:

Breakfast Buffet at Privato Quezon City

Breakfast is often regarded as the most important meal of the day, so why not start your day with an exceptional breakfast buffet? Start your morning with a hefty helping of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, succulent bacon and sausages, or a creamy truffle omelet. Or go bigger by indulging in some prime rib tapa or Southern fried chicken and rice. Privato Hotel Quezon City has a variety of classic breakfast options to get you energised.

Native Lunch at Palm Grill

Palm Grill is a mere 300 meter walk from Privato Hotel Quezon City. A Filipino grill restaurant, Palm Grill features Mindanaoan specialties. Mindanao is the southern area of the Philippines, who’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its Malay neighbours such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Palm Grill’s signature dishes include Green Chicken (chicken slow cooked in coconut milk and a blend of spices, then grilled to add another depth of flavour and texture), Beef Kolma (a rich stew of beef, coconut and spices), and their Spanish Sardine Pasta. They also have party packages and vegetarian options in their menu.

Afternoon Coffee at Lola Cafe

Lola Cafe exudes the ambience of a home-turned-cafe, and is another restaurant near Privato Quezon City. They offer a selection of hot, flavoured and ice blended coffee as well as tea, cocktails, beer, wine and spirits. Have a cup of hot latte with their best-selling Kesong Puti Cheesecake (fresh white local cheese). Or if you’d rather go the savoury route, Lola Cafe also serves Filipino dishes. Crowd-favourites include bone-marrow sisig, salpicao and truffle lengua.

Fancy Dinner at Zucchini’s

Zucchini’s is a fine dining restaurant that serves Modern European Cuisine. From escargot gratin to classic French onion soup, duck, sea bass, lobster, lamb and Angus beef, Zucchini’s does justice to these luxurious ingredients and prime cuts by dressing it with their own flare of unique flavour and presentation. They also have a full bar that’s stocked with local and imported beers, and fine selections of wines, whiskeys, champagnes and cocktails. The best part about this restaurant? It’s next door to Privato Hotel Quezon City!

Wind Down at Vitto’s Wine Bar and Restaurant

Cap off the day with a cup of Italian coffee, a glass of wine or if you are up for it, take part of the unlimited drink-all-you-can promo. Vitto’s Wine Bar and Restaurant has daily bar promos such as unlimited single malt whiskey on Saturdays, Wine-all-you-can on Mondays, and Unlimited Sangrias on Wednesdays. You can order a platter of cold cuts with cheese or Spanish tapas to go along with your drinks as well.

One for Vegans and Vegetarians at Greens

No fish, meat, eggs and even dairy! Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe is a food haven for vegetarians. Some of their popular menu items include sisig, parmigiana, carbonara and their grilled mushrooms and tofu kebabs. You can finish off your meal with freshly squeezed juices, dairy-free ice cream and eggless cakes and custards.

Food and Fun at Ludo

A few years ago, board game cafes started popping up around the metro. Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe is one of the few that still stands today. Apart from their cool selection of games, what keeps their customers coming back is their quality of food, which is a mix of Japanese and Continental options. Favoured dishes include their Okonomi Fries, generously topped Super Nachos, Chicken Wings and Katsudon. They also serve milkshakes, rootbeer floats, beers and signature cocktails.

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Solo Travel in Manila: Tips for Choosing the Right Accommodation

Solo travel has been steadily increasing over the years as more and more millennials are placing a premium on “experiences” over “possessions”. In fact, you may be interested in trying traveling to Manila as part of your first solo travel experience. As the capital of the Philippines, Manila is the perfect place to experience the famous Filipino warmth and hospitality, especially if this is the first time you’ll be in the country.

After you’ve booked your plane ticket to get to the Philippines, the next order of business is to secure your accommodation for the duration of your trip. Finding the right accommodation can easily make or break your trip when you travel abroad. Here are a few tips to help you find the right hotel in Manila as a solo traveler:

Don’t Limit Yourself to a Hostel

One of the first instincts of most solo travelers is to start their search for accommodations by looking at hostels. Savvy solo travelers, on the other hand, know that their search for a room should start with business hotels. Business hotels are geared to cater to solo business travelers, but their business model is also well-suited for solo tourists. When searching for these business hotels, make sure you take a look at their promotions page. In some cases, discounts offered put a business hotel at par with a hostel in terms of value for your money.

Location Based on Itinerary

Just like purchasing real estate, choosing your accommodation is about location, location, location. Don’t forget that Metro Manila is a pretty big place, with several cities in the entire area. As you build your itinerary/travel schedule during your stay in Manila, try to connect the dots and try to look for accommodations in the area of Manila you’ll be spending a lot of your time in--or at least a place with lots of public transportation nearby.

Always Consider Your Safety

One of the primary concerns of first-time solo travelers is safety. Manila is a safer city than most people initially think, especially if you decide to stay in areas that are popular with the locals like the Makati CBD, the Ortigas CBD, and Tomas Morato. Of course, you’ll want to do your research and check the security features of the hotel you plan to book. Standard safety features like in-room safes, CCTV cameras, and 24-hour front desk should be a top priority.

Check the Immediate Social Scene

Just because you’re traveling solo doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and meet other travelers and like-minded locals. If you plan to meet new people during your adventures in Manila, it’s highly recommended to stay in areas with a lively social scene. Great examples would be in the Capital Commons area of the Ortigas CBD and in Tomas Morato, both of which are filled with unique restaurants and bars that attract locals and expats alike.

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"Kapitolyo: My ULTIMATE Foodie STAYCATION"

Fancy yourself as a foodie? Is numerous nearby food options one of the most important criteria on your list when choosing a hotel?

Watch Lex Bonife as he takes you on a food tour around Kapitolyo, Pasig and shows off why Privato Hotel is every foodie's dream staycation destination.

Watch Here

- LexGo, November 2018

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"Taga Pasig Kami"


Ka-Pasig, hindi mo na kailangang lumayo para mag staycation! 😉 Sa Kapitolyo lang afford mo na ang magstaycation with friends and family! 😊👍

Tara sa Privato Hotel! 🏢

Mamimigay din kami ng 10% discount* para sa lahat ng Pasigeño! 😊👌

👉 visit
👉 click "BOOK NOW"
👉 gamitin at i-enter ang promo code na ito: PASIG10 (all-caps)


Read More


- Taga Pasig Kami, August 2018

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"5 City Staycations for that Affordable Sweet Escape"


Privato Hotel is an Italian-inspired business and lifestyle hotel in Pasig City, strategically located near Capitol Commons, an upcoming lifestyle and dining development, and the Ortigas Central Business District. The hotel boasts of 177 hotel rooms, 2 ballrooms, 2 function rooms, and 3 food and beverage outlets.


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- We the Pvblic (Jia Mercado), Stayed May 2018

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"Privato Staycation"


We all need a break from our busy lives and personally, a staycation at a hotel is a great way to do just that. There are times when we have to restart our systems and get that much needed rest and relaxation that we all crave for. Privato Hotel gave me and my family the chance to spend quality time together and just appreciate the value of slowing things down when we're all so caught up in our own daily routines.


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- Denise Heredia, Stayed May 2018

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"VLOG: Staycation at Privato Hotel, Manila!"


One hotel that I really love is this italian-inspired business and lifestyle hotel near Capitol Commons. Any guesses? If you guessed Private Hotel, then you’re right! Yaaay! Just recently, I booked an overnight stay here for a quick relaxation. And i must say, the experience was really something. This, instagram-worthy hotel boasts a sleek modern design aesthetic and a pool & verona roof deck that overlooks Makati and Fort Bonifacio. It certainly has all the ingredients of a millennial’s hotspot. Other than that, it’s really affordable with rooms ranging from 2.7k+ -5.8k+, and has tons of great amenities.  Come, let’s take a tour.


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- Ronwell Lim, Stayed March 2018

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"10 Boutique Hotels for Your Romantic Staycation"


If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, Privato Hotel in Pasig offers a sophisticated ambience, and a rooftop swimming pool to match. There’s a lounge that overlooks the sweeping skyline of Ortigas, as well as Piazza Privato, which is perfect for setting up a romantic mood with its selection of sumptuous Italian dishes. It's also a few steps away from the trendy Capitol Commons and Kapitolyo, if you're up for a gastronomic adventure.


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- Spot PH, Stayed February 2018

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"Have a Relaxing Manila Staycation at Privato Hotel"


In my opinion, it is not always a must to leave Metro Manila to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. There are a lot of good places where you can find serenity, and hotels within Metro Manila are one of them. I have stayed in several hotels in Manila for both work and personal reasons and I am lucky enough to have the chance to stay at Privato Hotel in Pasig City to experience how unique it is as compared to other hotels.


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- Where's Sherlyn?, Stayed January 2018

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"Privato Hotel: More Than Just A Staycation"

Privato Hotel 2 (1)

The staff are friendly, accommodating and courteous. They have a small cafeteria adjacent to the lobby which serves few pastries and coffee. Lobby area has good lighting and a wonderful modern design to it. They have a small function room that can accommodate up to 50 guests for special intimate occasions.


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- The Super Momma, Stayed June 2017

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"Privato Hotel, Where Style Meets Comfort"


People will always search for good food, so if you line up all the great food shops in one street, it becomes a culinary party and this is what Privato Hotel celebrates.

Standing right across the famous Kapitolyo in Pasig, Privato Hotel is your convenient, comfortable and chiq hub. The hotel's modern take on an Italian design draws attention from the hip youngster and to the young at heart - practically anyone who just wants to spend some cozy time away from the stress of the metropolis.


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- The Wander Dan, Stayed March 2017

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"Staycation Experience at Privato Hotel Pasig City"

Last month, just after Christmas, my family from the Santoses (my husband's family) decided to have a hotel staycation at Privato Hotel along Shaw Boulevard in Pasig City.  I discovered Privato Hotel through my boss’ recommendation.  I didn’t know about the hotel that time, so when I checked their website, I was actually encouraged to book our family’s overnight stay to relax and recharge after Christmas.  I read the reviews online and also checked photos of the hotel by guests and the clean and modern ambiance are what actually got me.  Plus, they have a swimming pool which is a requirement for me to book a hotel.


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- Mommy Practicality, Stayed January 2017

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"Privato Hotel - Your Comfort Hotel in the Metro!"


After taking some time browsing and searching for the right hotel suited for our taste, we ended up with Privato Hotel which has a great deal posted on DealGrocer! The Executive Twin Room only cost Php2,500 including buffet breakfast for 2! Such a steal, right? But wait, there's more! An additional 10% is up for grab if you are going to purchase the voucher via your BDO credit card. Thus, we paid a total of Php2,250 for our overnight staycation.


Read more


- The Daily Posh, Stayed May 2016

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"Privato Hotel (Shaw, Pasig City)"


It's roof deck gives a very spectacular and unimpeded view of Makati, Ortigas and the Fort Bonifacio Skyline. At night, the amazing symphony of lights from establishments and houses provides such a very relaxing ambience. I intend to go back to enjoy again this view. I really cannot explain it, but having a view from the top gives that kind of feeling as if you own everything as far as your eyes can see.  A feeling where there are no boundaries means freedom from anything coupled with the absolute imagination and relaxation while enjoying drinks and the food at the Verona Rooftop Lounge on the 23rd floor. This bar serves mostly international cuisines from 11 in the morning until 12 Midnight.


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- BAT's Life Travel & Chess, Stayed January 2016

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"Birthday Celebration at Privato Hotel | Finding Milo"

Finding Milo - Privato Hotel


Watch Here


- Finding Milo, October 2018


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Staff are very accommodating, place is nice and the view from the roof deck is spectacular. 

-Althea, Philippines

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Fantastic staff. .. reception and bar staff amazing.... loved every minute of it.... Thank you Ashley Jones xxx

-Ashley Jones, Guest from United Kingdom

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I had a very tiring night from work. Spent the night here so peaceful and quiet.. Very clean and comfortable..Staffs are all accommodating, approachable and with a big smile. Will definitely recommend this hotel to friends and family. I will go back here that's for sure.

- Joyce Gavarra, Stayed May 2018, Reviewed on Google Maps

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I really love this hotel. 2nd time I've stayed. Nice staff, clean spacious rooms with air cond, toiletries supplied, pool & reasonably priced.

- Tony Underwood, Stayed May 2018, Reviewed on Google Maps

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Cool and nice place to rest and unwind

- Michael Ryan Dinio, Stayed May 2018, Reviewed on Google Maps

default image

People are very nice and is clean. Will definitely come back!!!

- Louieda Garchitorena, Stayed May 2018, Reviewed on Google Maps

default image

The Conference Rooms are cold and clean. Thank you for the accommodation.

- Rosenelie Barcelon, Stayed May 2018, Reviewed on Google Maps

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"Great Hotel! Reminded me of a boutique hotel in Italy!"
I really loved the ambiance of the place, since it reminded me of a boutique hotel when I was travelling in Rome, Italy a few years back - maybe because of the color scheme of the lobby and of the rooms. The staff were very friendly and were always smiling. The rooms were spacious for a one night stay with the family. The massage was great and relaxing. The pool was a little small but cute and the gym wasn't so big but it had what it was enough. The breakfast buffet was great too! Overall, it was a great stay!

- Maria Denise, Stayed May 2018, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

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"Restful Weekend"
We had a restful weekend during our stay. The room was clean. Beds are comfy enough. Aircon was workingvwell, which was very important for me because it has been so hot. Thanks for making our weekend a restful one!

- Nins A, Stayed May 2018, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

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"4 Nights Stay in Deluxe Double Queen Room"
I booked this hotel for attending my son's graduation from Korea. I heard this hotel was constructed recently so hotel was clean and new. Staff were all nice and kind and facilities was simple and good. Hotel was near to restaurant, SM megamall and PC market. Restaurant was small but worth it and roof top restaurant's view was so good especially at night. I recommend this hotel and absolutely i will come back next time.

- Jimin J, Stayed April 2018, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

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"Chillax at Privato"
Very friendly staff, greeting you with a smile, good food esp breakfast... very clean room, attentive staff for whatever your request, relaxing view at the roofdeck especially at night, recomended for you & me time while drinking

- Elsa H, Stayed January 2018, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

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“Business trip”

The room was small but includes all the basic ameneties that you might need for business trip. The staff were all polite and readily available if you need help. The view on top of the roof deck was great if you just want to unwind after a long day. I would surely book this hotel again if I would be having some business appointment in Pasig.

- theam71, Stayed February 2017, traveled on business, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

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“Excellent Service”

Overall, we are satisfied in our 3 day stay.. Accommodating staff from front desk to Roof Deck.. very accessible location. The room was clean.
The Wifi is lightly slow in connection. Aircon is lightly cold (but is favorable to us) hahah.. Not able to try the Verona and the buffet breakfast and Meal. Maybe the next visit. :)

- Stayed February 2017, traveled as a couple

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“Awesome One Night Stay”

The staff were really helpful and attentive. We loved the way the rooms were designed. We loved the Filipino food served at the restaurants. And yeah, the roofdeck bar was awesome especially at night.

- ajdelrosario, Stayed January 2017, traveled with family, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

“So far so good”

For more than 1 week na stay ko sa privato wala akng masabi kundi thank you! Room is very clean. Employees are very kind. food is great. Very affordable room rate. So far so good. :) ill recommend privato to some of my friends.

- anj422, Stayed January 2017, traveled on business, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

“Excellent stay!”

2nd time to stay here with my wife. They leveled up even more from the last time I went there. Staff are very pleasant and cheerful. Bed is so comfy it's always a blissful experience sleeping in their rooms. Would definitely come back again!

- A TripAdvisor Member, Stayed January 2017, traveled as a couple

default image

“Great value!”

Stayed at this hotel only for a day, but enjoyed it! You'd get a lot of value for its price. The rooms is very neat and modern, cleanliness is also topnotch. It's very accessible as well so you won't have any problem finding it. The staff are also very warm and friendly!

- adobo_cake, Stayed October 2016, traveled as a couple, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

“New discovery”

Quite surprised to find this hotel and its affordable prices. Clean room and bath. Fantastic view, a very clean pool, nice bar with an awesome view of the city, ample parking. Just great overall...
I would recommend this hotel to friends!

- ChuckDeen, Stayed January 2017, traveled with friends, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

“Ratings 1-5”

Best hotel ever.. Hospitable and very good customers service goal "satisfaction" in one word that I noticed when I come's. Secured for the all security services 24/7 in or out the room. Perfect place for all occasions. Recommended price

- alvinb611, Stayed December 2016, traveled with friends, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

"Nice contemporary hotel”

Staff are very professional and courteous that blends in well with the country's culture.Great lobby ambiance with new design. Ample amount of WiFi speeds all throughout the hotel .Perfect for business stay as well as family

- sharidenz, Stayed January 2017, traveled as a couple, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

This was my second time to stay at Privato Hotel and as always, their service was excellent! From the reservations to the hotel staff, everyone was very accommodating! This is why I always choose this hotel whenever I plan on having a staycation weekend! Good job guys!

- mleordono, Stayed June 2016, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

We had our first year anniversary celebration here. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. We were very satisfied with the customer service of the hotel staff, everyone is greeting us with a smile. Staff are very accommodationg and always there to help their customers. Buffet breakfast was great and had variety of food selections. I will recommend this place to our friends and relatives. No regrets of choosing this place for our anniversary celebration, we really enjoyed our stay. Happy and very satisfied customer.

- gretchell_villarael, Stayed May 2016, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

I checked in an Executive King room located at the 20th floor of the hotel but since there were power interruptions due to heavy rain, thunder, and lightning, the WiFi on the higher floors were unstable. I immediately reported this to Front Desk as I needed internet connection to answer emails for work. To my surprise, they gave me a FREE room upgrade! They moved me to a one-bedroom suite on the 8th floor. The room was clean and spacious. It had 2 TVs - one in the living room and one in the bedroom. It even had a kitchen and a dining area. I felt very well taken care of.

I stayed there for 2 nights and paid for the room's regular price on my 2nd night. I even used the kitchen. Housekeeping provided me with the cooking utensils I needed and even helped me prepare balloons for my partner. They even added folded towels to make the room more romantic. I just paid for the corkage fee that was very affordable compared to other hotels.

- Tyson T from Philippines, Stayed in September 2015, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

Pleasant as always. I always book here twice a week. No problems encountered so far. I love the fact that they offer half day rate so I could check out at 6pm because I usually wake up around 2pm already.

- Rachelle U. from Philippines, Stayed in November 2015, Reviewed in Agoda

default image

It was a great experience staying in this hotel, no matter if its a long stay or a temporary stay. The staff are all very nice and friendly, and they’re helpful to solve all the problems and work it out in the best way. The swimming pool and the bar.

- Yi Z., from China, Stayed in September 2015, Reviewed on Agoda

default image

Just a tip, it is a must to go to the the roof top bar at night. Seeing the busy streets and the lights of the Ortigas buildings is quite enjoyable. Really makes you feel like you are away from all the hassles of the city without having to actually leave.

- gunner_613 from Philippines, Stayed in September 2015, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

I give my stay in Private Hotel a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I spent my long weekend there and there is nothing bad I can say about it. The staff was very accommodating and check-in was such a breeze. The room was very clean and spacious, and had all the necessities needed for a weekend stay. The swimming pool was located on the roof deck. Chilling in the pool, overlooking the city, I couldn't ask for more. The location of the hotel was also perfect because it was close to the malls, restaurants, and other hang-out places. Perfect staycation. So the next time you are thinking of a place to stay for the weekday/end, I highly recommend this hotel.

- Geocbattad from Philippines, Stayed in August 2015, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

I stayed at the hotel from 28/may/2015 to 10/june/2015. I left the place with a great impression especially because the people are very welcoming and helpful. The men at the entrance always greet you and will offer help if they see you need it. The room is spacious and cleaning service always keep little details like leaving more water bottles or clean towels. I would really recommend this hotel to anyone. The location is good as well, because it's close to the estancia mall and there are many interesting restaurants around the area.

- Daniela A from Honduras, Stayed in May 2015, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

Hotel was an excellent break to the chaos that is Manila. Professionals and kind staff, great view, comfortable room. Easy access to a great restaurant. Manila is not my favorite city, but this hotel definitely provided a breath of fresh air.

- HaBear from Vietnam, Stayed in February 2015, Reviewed on TripAdvisor

default image

We were only at the Privato Hotel for one night but it was a great experience! The staff were all incredibly helpful and kind (best service I had anywhere in the Philippines) and the view from our room was fantastic! It was a haven in the chaos that is Manila.

- Holly B. from USA, Stayed in February 2015, Reviewed on Agoda

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We stayed in Privato Hotel for two nights in the middle of April. The hotel is brand new and the pool on the roof top was not done yet, but never the less it was a very pleasant experience. The room was cozy and comfortable. For the price paid - 60$ per night, I believe it was the best deal in the city by far, especially compared to other hotels we stayed in Manila. The location is very good being the central area of Shaw Boulevard, close to the Mega mall and the MRT. The staff are professional and very accommodating, especially Jen in reception and bellmen. They also stored our suitcase for 5 days while we were island hopping which was very handy.

- EatYourWayThrough from Doha, Qatar, Stayed in April 2014, Reviewed on TripAdvisor